cosmetic surgery by most senior plastic surgeon of mumbai

Benign Breast Diseases in Mumbai

Benign Breast Diseases Benign breast sicknesses embody a variety of non-cancerous conditions that affect the breast tissue. They are prevalent among girls of every age, with various degrees of severity and symptomatology. Understanding these conditions is crucial for accurate prognosis, proper management, and providing reassurance to patients. 1. Prevalence: Benign breast illnesses are commonplace, affecting […]

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Upper Limb Lymphedema

Upper Limb Lymphedema Upper limb lymphedema is a chronic medical disorder characterized by the expansion of lymphatic fluid in the arm, hand, or upper extremities. It commonly arises when the lymphatic system, liable for dehydrating extra fluid and maintaining the immune process, is unsatisfactory or harmed. This situation can result from various reasons, including surgery,

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Penis lengthening Surgery in Mumbai

Penis-lengthening Surgery in Mumbai Penis lengthening, also known as penile lengthening or penile elongation, refers to a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at increasing the length of the penis.The desire for a longer penis is a typical consideration amongst multiple men, driven by different aspects including self-esteem, body appearance, and sexual happiness. It

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Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Mumbai

Burn Reconstructive Surgery by Most Senior Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Anshuman Manaswi is a specialist in burns reconstruction. He is highly skilled in treating patients who have suffered burns and providing them with the necessary reconstructive procedures to restore their appearance and functionality. Dr. Manaswi has extensive experience in performing skin grafts, flap surgeries, and other

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Lymphedema Surgery in Mumbai

Lymphedema Surgery in Mumbai The Mumbai Lymphedema Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of lymphedema. Located in Mumbai, India, the center is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, including physicians, therapists, and nurses, who specialize in the comprehensive care of patients with lymphedema.Lymphedema is a chronic condition

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