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Breast Reconstruction

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Reconstruction options for the breast are always available whether it is a small tumour which is removed or whether the whole breast is removed. In either case the breast shape can be given by the present techniques of reconstruction. Today’s advancements are able to give less morbid reconstructions which are much less painful than they were before. So, if the ladies are interested in having the contour restored, reconstruction options are given and many younger women opt for it.

Breast reconstruction after removal of a lump causing a deformity can be done as a daycare procedure using plastic surgery techniques of local breast flaps or muscle flap. The results of such surgeries are very good and satisfying.

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Total breast reconstruction after removal of the whole breast due to cancer or any other tumour requires more planning. Depending on how much skin is preserved/ available various plastic surgery techniques like flap surgery, tissue expansion, silicone implant etc are suggested. Microvascular flaps like TRAM Flap, S-GAP flap may be required. These surgical options have to be discussed in detail and the pros and cons are discussed. Recovery in such patients may require more time, usually between 1 to 3 weeks. Sometimes there may be complications like hematoma, infection, flap necrosis, wound healing issues etc. It is best to understand the procedure and the follow up with the doctor once you have decided to undertake these procedures.

Nipple and areola reconstruction is also done, but at a later date. The techniques for the same are specialized and discussed in detail. A combination of flaps and skin grafting is usually done to reconstruct these.
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