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Vaginal Tightening

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Vaginal tightening is becoming a very sought after procedure. In Mumbai, we are frequented with many such inquiries. As the name suggests, Vaginal tightening involves tightening of the vaginal opening and the vaginal space . This is usually done to enhance the sexual pleasure. With Age and especially after childbirth, the vagina becomes loose. This decreases the sexual satisfaction of both the male and the female partner because the friction is reduced. This causes strain in interpersonal relationships and depression. The solution is fairly simple with Vaginal tightening surgery which is a day care surgery.

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Procedure: In this surgery, two technical aspects are must for best results.

Procedure: In this surgery, two technical aspects are must for best results.

1. Removal of loose vaginal skin ( pink) mucosa and Tightening it.

2. Tightening of the muscles of the pelvis which become loose. This step is very crucial for proper surgery ( and it is not addressed in Vaginal tightening by laser) Recovery: Its a day care surgery and recovery is quite fast in a few days time Sexual Intercourse can be started after 1 month Results: Results of Surgical Vaginal Tightening are long lasting and since the muscle are tightened there is hardly any scope of loosening again in the short or medium term The results are much superior to non surgical vaginal tightening. Complications: Major Complications are rare. Minor complications like stich issues, blood clots etc may occasionally happen, but resolve soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the patient, the hymenoplasty procedure usually involves a time period of about 1-2 hours to finish.
It is an outpatient procedure, normally treated as a day case. There may be cases where an overnight stay is required.
Like all surgical procedures, there is always a possibility of complications or side effects and, although rare, these can include infection (such as urinary tract infections), a reaction to the anesthesia, or blood or fluid collection underneath the skin (hematoma). Post-surgery, urination might be difficult. Apart from these side effects, there are some potential side effects of hymenoplasty surgery which are as follows: – Numbness – Discoloration of the hymen – Post-op swelling, pain and bruising.
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