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Scar Revision

Revision that SMILES back


Why Us?

Scar Revision / Scar Modification helps your scar look better and lighter
Scars are marks that remain after a wound has healed. Poor healing of wounds may contribute to marks turning into disfigured scars.

Scar Revision Surgery reduces (but does not totally remove) the appearance of scars and helps to prevent certain types of scars from recurring. Post surgery scar reduction creams are prescribed to make the scar least obvious. 

To know the cost for Scar Removal Surgery call us. Depending on its size and depth you can get a fair estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The surgery takes a few hours depending on the extent of the scar.
It is an outpatient procedure. Usually patients return home the same day.
The risks of scar removal are minimal; however, it may include changes in skin color (Hyperpigmentation or Hypopigmentation).
Generally, they are permanent. Repeated follow- ups are required so that creams to further reduce the scars can be advised.
You should begin to see results within the first week after treatment, but it can take up 6 months or more for the scar to fully heal.
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