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Female to Male GRS


Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) also known as Gender Reassignment surgery (GRS) or Sex change surgery, is a surgical procedure / procedure by which a transgender person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble those socially associated with their identified gender.

Criteria for Approval of Sex Reassignment Surgery:

  • Patients must be 18 years of age and if under 20 years of age, parental consent is required.
  • Patient must be diagnosed with at least one of the following disorders:
  • Gender Identity disorder, gender dysphoria, or associated conditions and receive an approval from two different Psychiatrists who should certify that the person has Gender Identity disorder and is in a sound frame of mind to take a decision for Gender reassignment surgery.
  • Patient is required to have lived full-time in the cross-gender role for at least one year.

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Masculinization surgeries result in an anatomy that is typically gendered Male. It is generally preceded by beginning hormone treatment with testosterone, but that is not mandatory.

These surgeries include:

  • Breast reduction Surgery/ Mastectomy /Chest masculinization surgery / chest reconstruction (Top surgery)
  • Hysterectomy with Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and vaginectomy
  • Phalloplasty or Penis reconstruction
  • Scrotoplasty or reconstruction of Scrotum
  • Penile implants and testicular implants
  • Facial masculinization giving male facial features


In addition to SRS, patients may require a lifelong course of masculinizing hormone replacement therapy.

CHEST RECONSTRUCTION or mastectomy/ breast reduction:

Chest reconstruction or mastectomy is an important component of transition from a transgender female to their self-affirmed gender of male.

There are various techniques of breast reduction including mastectomy with nipple areola graft, pedicled breast reduction, Liposuction etc. It is best to discuss the options with the surgeon.


Persons seeking female to male gender reassignment surgery will require hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and Bilateral Salpingo- Oophorectomy (Removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes) as part of their gender affirmation.

In addition, Vaginectomy (Removal of the vaginal lining) is required to close the vaginal cavity.

Hysterectomy can be performed in three ways – 

Abdominal (through incision in the abdominal wall), 

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy are minimally invasive and preferred nowadays.  

Vaginectomy can be done at the same time or separately.

In a good setup, all these surgeries of Mastectomy, Removal of the uterus, ovaries and the vagina can be done at the same time if the patient is fit. At La Transformatione’ Plastic surgery Center we prefer to do it in one go.



Phalloplasty is a surgical procedure to create a visual penis out of a grafted tissue from the patient. The neo-penis is created using a flap from the patient’s thigh, arm, abdomen or back.  This procedure provides a larger penis with a more satisfying cosmetic appearance. Sexual sensation is usually preserved to the base of the penis where the original clitoris was. Penis reconstruction is the most important part of the surgery and is most demanding as well. The surgery may involve microvascular surgery if the penis is desired to be reconstructed in a single sitting. There are staged procedures as well. It is important to remember that these surgeries are highly sophisticated and the recovery may take time. It is important to discuss in detail with the surgeon. It is equally important to acerating that the patient is in a genuine centre, because not many surgeons do these surgeries.

The sexual sensation usually comes in about 6 to 12 months because the nerves of the clitoris are joined to the new nerves.


Metoidioplasty is a surgical procedure used in FtM transsexuals who desire GRS without undergoing a complex, multi-staged surgical creation of an adult- sized penis. It is usually done after enlarging the clitoris using hormone replacement therapy. Sexual sensation and erectile function are completely preserved. 


Penile implants are mostly used in phalloplasty surgery due to the inability of the neophallus to achieve proper erection. Penile implants are less commonly used in Metoidioplasty due to the way it is performed. Penile implants can only be put once the sensation in the neo penis is there.


Scrotum reconstruction with the labial skin forms an important component of the FtM surgery. Only when the scrotum is reconstructed, testicular implants can be put.

Sex Change Surgery in Mumbai

Facial masculinization alters anatomical features to achieve an appearance that aligns more closely with gender identity, i.e. a more masculine appearance.

This is one of the gender affirming procedures.

There are surgical and non-surgical methods that can be combined to give the desired look.

Surgically, it may entail reconstruction of the nose, lengthening of the forehead, creating a sharper jawline, etc. In addition to altering the facial structure, a procedure like a hair transplant can be used to achieve a more permanent masculine hair growth pattern like beard, moustache, side burns, etc.

We at La Transformatione’ Plastic Surgery Center will help you achieve this.

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