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Breast augmentation, also referred to as “boob job”, “breast aug” or medically called augmentation mammoplasty involves using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the size of the breasts.

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  • Restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.
  • Improve natural breast size symmetry.
  • Increase fullness and projection of your breasts
  • Improve balance of breast and hip contours.
  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence.

You may be an Ideal candidate if:

  • You are physically healthy, not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are dissatisfied with small breasts.
  • Your breasts have lost shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss or with aging.
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical.
  • One or both breasts have failed to develop normally or have an elongated shape.
  • You are unhappy with the upper part of your breasts appearing empty or hollow.

Types of implants:

  • Silicone breast implants

Silicone breast implants are the gold standard in Implants.  Filled with silicone gel it feels more like natural breast tissue and is FDA – approved for augmentation in adult women.

**A yearly visit to your plastic surgeon helps to make sure that the implants are functioning properly.

  • Fat transfer breast augmentation

Fat from other body areas is taken via liposuction and injected into your breasts.

Best option for women looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and preferring natural results.

  • Saline breast implants

Not in use usually.

Shapes of breast implants

Two basic breast implant shapes that come in various sizes and profiles. 

  • Round or anatomical
  • Tear drop or contour.

Reasons for choice of either:

  • Woman’s unique aesthetic goals 
  • Preferred incision location
  • Preferred implant placement.
  • Type of contour required


  • Scarless- miniature cuts
  • Natural procedure
  • A long-lasting result
  • Achieve a more pleasing body overall
  • Desired results


  • Best Contour & Shape
  • More attractive cleavage
  • Long lasting results
  • A younger looking you
  • A better intimate life


  • Silicone implant is a simple straightforward procedure, irrespective of whether the patient has fat in the body or not.
  • Fat Transfer requires enough fat to extract and transfer.
  • Fat transfer may require two sittings as some fat may be absorbed in the body.
  • Fat transfer is almost scarless.
  • Fat transfer does not have any foreign body.
  • Recovery in a Silicone implant is generally faster.


Breast implants can remain in good shape for many many years.

You may experience a few symptoms that may call for a replacement of the same:

  • Ruptured implant
  • Deflated implant
  • Asymmetry between the breasts
  • Firmness in the implant
  • Breast tenderness
  • Implant sitting too high or too low
  • Abnormal implant shape
  • Pain, discomfort, or long- lasting loss of sensation


  • Breast examination is done in the presence of a female staff/female surgeon.
  • Time spent understanding the patient’s expectations.
  • Sizers are used to show the patient the possible results.
  • Best possible options are determined after taking into consideration the patient’s body size, expectations and desired implant.


  • Breast augmentation with Fat or silicone implants is a day care procedure under general / regional anesthesia.
  • The procedure takes anywhere between 60 mins to 120 mins.
  • Scar is present under the breast which can be easily masked. Other options for less scar include axillary scar or areola scar.
  • Patient is ready to go home a few hours after making full recovery from anesthesia.
  • Fat transfer involves liposuction, processing of fat and transfer of fat to the breast.
  • A good antibiotic cover and pain relief is ensured.


  • Patients are to follow up on day 3 for dressing and day 5 sutures are removed.
  • Patients are advised on the wear of pressure garment from day 3
  • Isometric exercises are to be avoided for 3 weeks
  • Patients make full recovery in 4- 6 weeks.
  • Patients can resume regular activities after a week of the procedure.
  • Protocol for fat transfer is a bit different.

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