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Breast Lump Removal

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Benign Breast Lumps
Most breast lumps are not cancerous (benign). Still, some may need to be biopsied (sampled and viewed under a microscope) to prove they are not cancerous. Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) is the procedure that removes some of the tissue and skin from the breasts to reshape and reduce the size of excessively large breasts. Such large breasts always cause back pain, grooves in the shoulder, and neck pain.
If a surgery is required for benign breast lump, it is best to be removed by a Plastic Surgeon, so that there is minimal deformity of the breast and best possible cosmetic result. Suturing by Plastic Surgeons is way more fine than others, which means that the scar visibility is the least.

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Fibrosis and Cysts
Most lumps turn out to be caused by fibrosis and / or cysts, benign changes in the breast tissue that happen in many women at some time in their lives, called fibrocystic changes / fibrocystic disease. Fibrosis is the formation of scar-like (fibrous) tissue, and cysts are fluid-filled sacs. These conditions are most often diagnosed by a doctor based on symptoms, such as breast lumps, swelling, and tenderness or pain. These symptoms tend to be worse just before a woman’s menstrual period is about to begin. Her breasts may feel lumpy and, sometimes, she may notice a clear or slightly cloudy nipple discharge. Breast Cyst Surgery or Breast Cyst Removal maybe needed in such cases.
Fibroadenomas and Intraductal Papillomas
Benign breast tumors such as fibroadenomas or intraductal papillomas are abnormal growths, but they are not cancerous and do not spread outside the breast to other organs. They are not life threatening. Still, some benign breast conditions are important because women with these conditions have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. In such cases, Benign Breast Lump Removal Surgery maybe suggested by the doctor.
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