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Wounds Reconstruction


Plastic surgeons specialize in wound treatment. There are various types of wounds. Some of them are simple, some are complicated. For a layman it is difficult to imagine also the type of complex treatment which may be required.
Most of the wounds heal with normal wound care at the primary level, but some wounds like Non Healing Ulcers, Diabetic foot, Degloving injuries, Venous ulcers, Arterial insufficiency ulcers, Wound requiring Cosmetic stitching etc. require specialized care. There are various newer modalities of treatment which help in wound healing. Treatments like vacuum assisted healing closure, specialized lasers, injection of growth factors, Adipose tissue derived stem cells, Mesenchymal cell fractions etc. have added to the existing techniques like perforator flap, microvascular flaps, muscle flaps & So on.
It is very important to pay attention to wounds and see that they are treated properly in the initial stages. Otherwise infection may set in the wounds and the treatment may be more complicated.
Diabetic patients because of their high sugar, low immunity and less sensation are at more risk of complicated wounds.

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Other patients who are more vulnerable are those on chemotherapy, those with Kidney diseases, those with venous problems, lymphedema patients and arterial problems. Those suffering from neuropathy also are at risk of wounds.
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