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Biceps & Triceps Implant / Augmentation

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Biceps and Triceps augmentation procedures are ways to permanently increase the mass and definition of the biceps and triceps. The implants are placed in the arms to enhance muscles that may not show the mass and fullness despite extensive exercise and conditioning.
This procedure is very useful in patients who have had a nerve injury, muscle injury, tendon injury or were born with congenital anomaly. Enhancement / augmentation can be achieved by using fat injections or silicone implants.
For Silicone Biceps or Triceps implants, the procedure is done under General Anaesthesia.  Biceps and Triceps implantation usually follow a similar pattern in that an incision is made in a fairly inconspicuous position on the upper arm or armpit.

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The surgeon shapes the area inside the soft tissue area of muscle and fat and inserts the implant. The area needs a small dressing for a few days. The changes that a patient can appreciate post procedure are immediate. For Fat transplant, body fat from areas of the stomach, buttock or thighs may be removed through liposuction to be processed and purified before it is injected into the new position in your body. The fact that your own body fat is biocompatible and non – allergenic is the most comforting factor for a patient. A little extra than required is injected in the area, as over the months there will be some loss in the amount of fat (about 40%) from what is injected.


  • Avoid lifting your arms for 2 days post-surgery.

  • Dressings are removed over a few days followed by a gentle exercise program within a week or two to ensure and enable a full and complete range of movements of the arms.

  • Within a week or two physical uses of muscles of the upper body can be resumed.

  • Within a month a full muscular activity can be recommenced.


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Words of Wisdom:

For those who suffer from some kind of complex due to small biceps / triceps muscles (Dolle-Sholle), Silicone implant is a good option. Fairly safe and easy on the body, the satisfaction index of such surgeries are very good. The scars are hidden in the inconspicuous areas.
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