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Eyebrow Restoration

Why eyebrow restoration / transplant?

Eyebrows give expression and contour to our faces. Eyebrows help to give our faces real expression. If we don’t like our natural eyebrows, we can easily use embellishment methods. There are several ways to improve the appearance of one’s eyebrows. One can apply make-up daily. If one searches for a permanent solution, they can tattoo them on. This method has disadvantages, for example, considerable scarring can occur or the skin doesn’t accept more color with the time. As well as normal tattoos in the remaining body, this tattoo may not last forever, the color fades and as a rule a touch up tattoo is necessary after approximately one year. With an eyebrow transplant, however, these side effects do not occur.

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Correction of the results of illness, accident or malformation

An illness,  an accident, can take us away from one of the most important details of our expression. However, luckily there is help from our specialists. They are specified to help your face gain more expression possibilities. Beauty is not a question of cost – we offer this treatment in favourable conditions

A safe method – eyebrow transplants with the FUE method

One can receive better-looking eyebrows simply with an eyebrow transplant. A professional transplant with one’s own hair, carried out by experienced specialists along with a guarantee of several years – this would surely be preferred over a tattoo. Further, it looks substantially healthier and more natural. With the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) small hair groups, which are immediately re-implanted, are taken with especially developed instruments. The hair extraction takes place on the head, thereafter, the bald places of the eyebrows are filled in. The quick insertion ensures that the hair loses no nutrients and integrates itself immediately into its new surroundings. The growth at the new region can take place under optimum conditions, the results are thick, lovely eyebrows which can also be formed at your request. An eyebrow transplant, with your own hair, is a long-term embellishment without risk nor need of repetition.

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