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Laser Hair Reduction

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If you are unhappy with the temporary quick fixes like waxing, threading, shaving, available in the market and are looking for long- term result-oriented results for unwanted facial / body hair….Laser Hair reduction is the permanent cosmetic procedure available world-wide today.


Laser works on the principle of Selective(area) Photo (light) thermo(heat) lysis(breakdown). The laser light is absorbed by the dark pigment called melanin that gives colour to your each of your hair. The light absorbed by the hair follicle gets converted into heat. This heat built up within the hair follicle disables the follicle from future hair growth. The settings are managed in a way that the surrounding skin is safe. Over multiple sessions, the laser effectively slows down the hair growth to provide a permanent hair free skin. Our lasers are best suited for all types of skin and we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to begin with. The number of sessions can vary with every individual depending on skin type, hair type and in any underlying medical condition contributing to unwanted hair.
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