Acne / Acne Scar

An Acne Scar is first visible as small pimple on the face and other parts of the body. Acne scars can be of different types. In the beginning, the scars may appear as only reddish marks on the skin. These spots are easy to eliminate if treated at the correct time. Eventually, the scars may start getting deeper and appear as blemishes or dark spots on the face. Sometimes a bout of acne may be really very severe and it may damage the skin cells. They may appear as zits on the skin then. The easiest way to eliminate acne scars is prevention. Even if you do get acne, be careful not to pinch the pimples or rub them vigorously. If you do that and control acne in time then chances are your skin will not get acne scars. If you do have acne scars then also there is no need to despair.

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Multiple options like depigmentation, chemical peeling, laser treatment, and dermabrasion are available to help you regain the youthful skin. Skin treatment extends to the most sophisticated methods of acne scars removal. Some of the supposed causes cited by our elders as causes of acne are mere myths.  Remedies like washing face, again and again, is also not the solution to eliminate it. Acne is caused by the trapping of dead skin in the oil pores of the skin. The skin gets clogged and is not able to breathe properly. This may result in pimples on the face that may sometimes be pus-filled. Excess oil produced by sebaceous glands located under our skin usually cause this problem. This may happen either due to hormonal changes or sometimes even as a reaction to certain medication or diseases.

The general cause for Acne is hormonal changes itself. These pimples and acne can leave quite unbecoming marks on the face. Acne scars removals should be done promptly with the best acne treatments to ensure you have a clear, flawless skin.