Micro-Vascular Surgeries

Microvascular surgery is a kind of plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery that is performed to reattach severed fingers, arms, hands or any other amputated part to the body by reconnecting the small blood vessels and restoring the circulation at the earliest post injury / accident before the tissue starts to die.

  • Microvascular surgery derives its name from the very small or micro blood vessels, 3 to 5 millimeters in diameter, on which the surgery is performed.
  • In this microvascular reconstruction surgical procedure, a composite piece of tissue from another part of the body is transplanted to the affected part.
  • The tissue is mostly taken from the patient’s hands, legs, or back, which can contain the bone, skin, fat, and / or muscle.

At La Transformationé, our plastic surgeons use the latest operating microscopes, specialized surgical instruments, and tiny needles with ultrafine sutures to transplant healthy tissue from a distant site called a “free flap.”


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