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Facial Feminization surgery is a highly sophisticated surgery. The exact procedures required for the transformation of the facial features from male facial features to the female facial features requires a lot of personalized discussion and planning. Sometimes facial profiling may be required.

It does mean thus, the procedures may be less and simple in some patients and more and complicated in some, depending on the preoperative contour.

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The Surgeries involve

Feminine Brow line creation / Reconstruction

This includes two types of techniques: Surgery on the bones of the skull or Work on the soft tissue that covers the bone.

Bone reconstruction in FFS is based on the differences between the average male and female skull.

Soft tissue work is less invasive.

Forehead surgeries includes the following procedures:

Brow shaving or osteoplastic bone surgery to recontour the forehead bone 

Trimming down the upper edge of the eye sockets to remove brow bossing.

Forehead implant to round out a flat forehead.

 Hairline reduction surgery which can be done by either removal of the skin from the forehead to bring the hair line down or it may be done by hair transplant. The options may be discussed with the doctors.

Scalp advancement:

Advancing the hairline is a procedure to help shorten the distance between the eyes and the start of the hairline. 

A recessed hairline is associated with an aging look and masculine features. 

Advancing the hairline yields a more youthful and feminine appearance.

Brow lifting: Tightening the skin on the forehead and raising of eyebrows.

Chin reshaping:

Removing bone from the chin and reshaping to make it more tapered.

Chin augmentation:

Receding chin can be augmented using implants, fat or filler.

Nose reshaping / reconstruction:

To change the appearance of the nose surgical changes to the nose in FFS can include-

  • Reducing bone from the bridge of the nose to make it flatter.
  • Reducing width of the nose to make it leaner.
  • Shortening the nose by removing some cartilage at the tip of the nose thereby narrowing nostrils.

Micro-fat grafting / fillers or dermal-fat grafting: 

To make cheeks and lips look fuller.

Tracheal shave:

Surgical procedure works on to reduce the size of the laryngeal prominence also known as the Adam’s apple. 

The outcome is a smoother neck with a less prominent Adam’s apple.

Mandibular shave Surgery

Those patients who have a broad angle of Mandible or jaw line may require mandibular angle shave or jaw shave surgery. In this surgery, the pointed jaw bone, the outer surface of the jaw, is removed.

Additional Botulinum toxin injection to the masseter muscles may be required to make a V- shaped jawline.

Cheek Augmentation

Female faces have high cheekbones. These can be achieved by either fat injection or fillers injection or by Malar implants which are put through intra oral incision.


  • Adverse reaction to anaesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Wound infection
  • Slow healing
  • Numbness (mostly temporary)
  • Scar problems.

Fortunately, these side effects are not very common and hardly any patient has had any major issues

 Words of wisdom: 

It’s very important to go step for these surgeries after meticulous planning and discussion. Please try and visualize yourself in the new face as much as possible and discuss extensively with the doctor.

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