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U-Lipo is an intelligent alternative to surgical liposuction, a new way to reduce unwanted fat from the body & to achieve circumference reduction or cm reduction. It is a great tool for Body Contouring & Body shaping, without undergoing Surgery.

As against conventional liposuction methods (which are expensive, surgery-intensive, risky and painful), U-Lipo uses the power of 4 Non Surgical Technologies in single Session. You can avoid the side effects of Liposuction, by opting for this Non surgical fat reduction procedure, for Slimming, Body shaping, Tummy tuck & Body contouring.

Treatment is available for Tummy, Sides, Hips, Thighs, Inner Thighs, Arms, Saddlebag, Calf, Upper Back, Female B-line, Male Chest and Face & Chin.

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In a clinical perspective, the most effective instruments for non-invasive fat reduction use low frequency ultrasound. Through the generation of compression and depression cycles at appropriate frequency, it causes cavitation phenomena at the fat droplet-watery cytoplasm interface & eventually adipocyte rupture and triglyceride release.

Ultrasound can be concentrated in a defined subcutaneous area to produce clinically relevant fat lysis while avoiding any damage to blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and the underlying organs. The device for lipo-reductive purposes has been specifically designed to prevent unwanted tissue injury. The ultrasound emitter, was demonstrated to achieve selective adipocyte lysis and clinically relevant reduction of the volume of subcutaneous fat pad, in the absence of significant adverse reactions. It has been shown that adipose cell cavitation induces focal alterations of the plasma membrane and lipid leakage.

Anaesthesia is not necessary prior to the use of the cavitation ultrasound machine. This simple procedure for fat reduction can be done within the clinic and results are typically seen immediately. It is suggested to periodically maintain these treatments in order to see the best results.

Various clinical studies further strengthens the current notion that non-invasive trans-cutaneous ultrasound cavitation is a promising and safe technology for localized reduction of fat and provides evidence for its specific mechanism of action on the adipocytes.

Non Ablative Radio Frequency or NARF
Advanced NARF technology delivers the optimal RF energy to the dermal & subcutaneous layers.

Radiofrequency body contouring tightens the skin, removes fat and improves tone without any downtime or pain at all. This pain-free procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production and gets rid of fatty deposits that fail to go with exercise. If you have flabby skin, a post pregnancy tummy, fine lines or wrinkles, saddle bags or a sagging bum, radiofrequency body contouring is meant for you.

Benefits of Radiofrequency for Body Contouring

  • Limited bruising
  • Achieves fat reduction and tightening of the skin in a single step
  • Coagulates blood vessels that reduces skin injury risks
  • Less painful than conventional body contouring procedures
  • Patients can experience results fast
  • Swelling reduces within one week
  • Produces results faster than other non-surgical procedures

Difference between Radiofrequency Body Contouring and Other Procedures

The main distinction between radiofrequency body contouring and other liposuction procedures is that this technology dissolves fat cells and tightens collagen from the patient’s skin. This procedure results in a natural contoured body and reduces the need to go for extensive body contouring and body shaping procedures.

How Does Radiofrequency Body Contouring Work?

Radiofrequency gets through your skin layers and selectively heats the skin tissue where collagen fibres are rooted. The heating causes a contraction of collagen fibres, shrinks fat cells and stimulates fibroblast cells to produce elastic fibres and collagen. The result is a smooth, tight and youthful looking skin. Stubborn cellulite is less noticeable and fat cells are reduced.

This procedure is less invasive than liposuction and patients feel little to no sensation while under the electrodes and applicator.

What is the Radiofrequency Treatment Like?

Radiofrequency treatment is relaxing. Each part of your body will be treated for a short period of time.

When Can You Expect Results?

Skin becomes smoother and the muscle tone become more visible. Attending multiple sessions may provide maximum results.

Candidates of Radiofrequency Body Contouring

The best persons for this procedure are those who are unable to lose weight through exercise and diet or have stubborn fat in particular parts of the body like the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.


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