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cosmetic surgery in mumbai

La Transformatione' » Finance Options (Easy 0% EMIs)

Paying for your cosmetic surgery:

La Transformatione is open to both insured and non-insured patients. Most cosmetic surgery patients pay for their own treatment. Click here for more information about loans for cosmetic surgery, including 0% finance deals (0% APR typical).

La Transformatione': mini consultations
La Transformatione' Cosmetic Clinic offer free information events, and/or no obligation mini consultations with cosmetic surgeons / trained Paramedics or appointments with experienced cosmetic nurses who can provide you with general advice about the procedure you are interested in.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices Guide :
Our cosmetic surgery teams will be pleased to give you a guide price for any cosmetic surgery procedure, and can make an appointment for you with a consultant or a specialist cosmetic nurse. Just call or complete our online enquiry form. These prices will give you an indication of the cost, which may change following your final consultation when a final price will be confirmed to you.

Your first cosmetic surgery consultation:
When you book your consultation, we’ll let you know the consultation fee for the cosmetic surgeon you are seeing. As a guide, you should expect to pay up to $25. Unless you need to have any medical tests as part of this consultation, there should be no hospital costs to pay at this initial visit.You may want to have more than one consultation before making a decision about cosmetic surgery. This is perfectly understandable, just check with your cosmetic surgeon whether their fee includes the option to return for a second appointment at no extra charge.

Final price for cosmetic surgery:
Following your consultation, we will give you a fixed price for your cosmetic surgery. This will be agreed with you in advance, so you have the reassurance of knowing the full costs before you come into hospital. Your fixed price will usally include hospital charges, consultant surgeon and anaesthetist fees and a follow-up consultation. Please get a clarity of this.

What payment methods does LaTransformatione' accept?
We accept payment by cash, cheque, banker’s draft or credit/debit card. If you choose to pay by cheque we need to receive this at least seven working days before your admission to allow time for it to clear. If paying by credit or debit card, you can pay at the hospital, or over the telephone.

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