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Breast Implant & Augmentation Surgery in Mumbai

Breast augmentation, as the term implies means increasing the size of the breast. The increase in the size of the breasts is through either your own tissue like Fat or through the insertion of Implants which can be Silicone or Saline implants. The best results of breast augmentation are achieved in young patients who do not have sagging of the breast.

breast procedure
Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Silicone is an inert substance which does not react with our body if presented in a particular form. Silicone Implants are basically Silicon solid balloon shell filled with either Silicone gel or Saline. Saline Implants are almost out of use.
The silicone gel-filled implants which are used, have silicone gel inside the shell which gives the consistency and feel of a normal breast. The outer shell may be smooth, textures or microtextured.
As long as there is no leak of Silicone from the shell of the implant, there is no significant reaction with the body (breast tissue), but if there is a leak then the Silicone gel may react with the surrounding breast tissue. Usually, this leak does not happen and therefore Silicone gel-filled breast implant is considered safe.
The pros and cons of various types of breast implant may be discussed with the Doctor. The Breast implant surgery in Mumbai is relatively straightforward breast augmentation surgery with very few complications. The implant is either put under the breast tissue over the chest wall muscle (Pectoralis Major Muscle) or under the Pectoralis Major muscle but above the chest wall. Which is better is still a matter of debate and can be discussed with your doctor.
The cut for Breast Implant can be below the breast in the under-breast crease called the inframammary crease, or in the axilla or on the junction of breast tissue and areola. There are plus and minus of each.
The inframammary incision tends to be more visible in the lying down position but in the standing position, it is not visible. The areolar incision supposedly gives the least visible scars as it mingles with the junction. The axillary incision does not have any scar on the breast, but wearing a sleeveless dress may be an issue.

Breast Feeding:
Breast feeding is not hampered after breast implant because the implant is put under the breast and not in the breast tissue.

Breast Cancer. There is no evidence to suggest that breast implant increase the chances of breast cancer.

Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL):
Recently there is a concern regarding BIA-ALCL. This is most probably a lymphoproliferative disorder or a T-cell Lymphoma, specific to breast implant but the incidence of which is very very low. Although very difficult to ascertain the exact risk it is somewhat between 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10000 in various studies. To put it in correct perspective, the risk of this specific T-cell Lymphoma, specific to breast implant breast cancer is very very low. Though this issue is relatively new, a new concept to put things in correct perspective is the concept of MICROMORT which is the risk of dying of a particular event per one million population. The estimated Micromort of BIA-ALCL is 0.4. If we compare the Micromort of driving for 8 hrs in America, it is 16 almost 40 times that of textured breast implant-related BIA-ALCL. Microtextured implants are supposed to be having much lower incidence of BIA-ALCL

Advantages of Breast Implant:
It is relatively very safe. It gives instant results. There is no difference in the consistency or feel of the breast. Larger size implants can be put if required at a later date.

Apart from the complications like swelling and pain sometimes there may be a blood clot. Wound infection is rare but if that happens it has to be taken seriously so that the implant underneath is safe.

Capsular Contracture:
As a part of the Normal reaction of the body, there is a layer of protection called capsule which forms around the breast implant. This capsule is perfectly normal. Sometimes this capsule may thicken and harden up giving rise to tenderness or deformity or both. In such a case, re-surgery may be required to deal with the capsule and put another implant. The exact cause of Capsule Contracture is still not known although various factors have been suggested.

Breast Augmentation with fat is more commonly being used for breast augmentation surgery in Mumbai. With Refined techniques of fat transfer, better results are now possible. The procedure involves taking out fat from the thigh or other parts of the body of the same patient using LIPOSUCTION. The fat is then processed and then injected into the breast tissue using the specialized technique. The biggest drawback of fat augmentation is some loss of fat volume (between 10 to 40 %) because of the inability of the fat to survive and stay in the breast. Although we try to overfill, the loss may at times require a second surgery. Another limitation of fat transfer is that there may not be enough fat in the body to be retrieved and used for the transfer of the fat. Otherwise, it is a very safe breast augmentation surgery with no scars on the breast. The recovery from the fat transfer is easy with the resumption of activities very fast.

It is important to get a mammography before breast implant or fat transfer to study the baseline architecture of the breast and to rule out any pre-existing disease. This mammogram must be preserved for future reference.

Breast Augmentation and Cup Size:
This is the most difficult part of the whole process as a surgeon. Since the implant is chosen as per the volume of implant that can be permitted inside the breast envelope safely, the estimates of the cup size may go warily. There is some literature on the subject but it is better to have a subjective idea rather than be objectively obsessed with the size. Usually, around 150 cc corresponds to increase in one cup size. Your doctor will guide you regarding this.

Anatomical Vs. Round Implant:
Anatomical implant (pear-shaped) are also available and some people want to use them. Depending on the contour of your chest, your doctor can advise you the plus and minus of both.

Breast Augmentation for Breast Lift:
A minor drop in the breast because of weight loss, age or pregnancy can be corrected by breast implant surgery in a very nice manner without much scarring associated with the breast lift procedure. The surgery of breast Augmentation is simpler than lift. The prerequisite for this is that dropping of the breast is not too much and one should be ready to accept a bigger breast.

The recovery after breast implant takes around a month in total. Majority of the swelling subsides by then. Sutures (if removable) are removed after 7 to 10 days and the breast has to be supported by a sports bra. Breast handling is not advised before 6 weeks.

Return to activity:
Most people can go to work in about 3 to 4 days. Precaution about gentle movements has to be taken. Exercises can start after 3 to 4 weeks.

Other Surgeries That Can be done with Breast Augmentation:
Although a major surgery, breast augmentation surgery in Mumbai is generally well tolerated plastic surgery procedure, allowing for other cosmetic procedures to be performed in conjunction with it. Since the breast implant is the most sterile thing in the Operation theatre, the Breast implant is the first procedure that is done. Then other procedures may follow. Some of the procedures combined with breast augmentation are Abdominal Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Arm or thigh Liposuction. Please understand if it is safe to do many surgeries together before undergoing them together.

Words Of Wisdom:
Most women who come for breast Implant surgery in Mumbai want a natural looking bigger breasts. Also, the majority of them feel that the implant chosen is smaller! If the doctor says 300cc, they would say, “300 is too less and would want to go for 350 cc to 400cc”. Experience has shown that such patients are the ones who feel that the result is artificial. Those who are convinced for lesser or marginally bigger, do much better. It is much better to err on the lower size than upper if you want a natural-looking breast.

Process Before Surgery:

1. 1st Consultation: Get a detailed consultation. Clarify all your doubts about breast implant surgery . Read about the process a bit (not too much!) and discuss in detail. Make sure that you have some if not all the idea as to what exactly are you looking for. Tell the doctor about any previous surgery or illness or any sort of allergies.

2. Repeat Consultation: Go back after the first consultation and think. Make a list of things to clarify and understand and meet the doctor or the team again.

3. Expectation of results: Please be doubly sure as to what result you are expecting and you and your doctors are at sync and on the same page. This will make things easy for you in the postoperative period. It is better to have a realistic expectation as there are various limitations of your body as well as of the surgery.

4. Measurements: Many times some measurements are required. Ask if any measurement of your body or for pressure garment etc. is required.
5. Investigation: Most surgeries require some investigations and these must be done at a good laboratory. It is in your best interest that you get the investigations done as advised because the decision to do the surgery will depend on them.

6. Understanding the Plan: Plastic surgery is an innovative branch of surgery where meticulous planning is very important. Both the patient and the doctor must be at comfort with the plan. It may take a couple of consultations for the best plan to be finalized for a complicated breast implant surgery.
7. Finalize the hospital

8. Schedule the date of surgery and advance payment or full payment: Please make sure that that the full procedure of payment is understood by you and there are no hidden costs. If there are some overheads, you should have an idea regarding them. Also, note that some services of Cosmetic surgeries are taxable by the Government and you may have to pay extra for them.

9. Understand the preoperative instructions well like being empty stomach before surgery, shaving etc.

10. Photography: Preoperative and postoperative photography helps in judging the results objectively and is helpful for you as well as the doctors and also removes the scope of ambiguity.

11. Report for surgery on time or a little before that so that you are relaxed. (Better if accompanied by an attendant).

Get Your Breast Augmentation Surgery At La Transformatione:

You can consult with us with regards to breast implant surgery in Mumbai. We offer effective consultation to our patients wherein they can get the clear idea about how their breast augmentation surgery in Mumbaiwill take place. Dr. Anshuman Manaswi is the leading cosmetic & plastic surgeon in Mumbai who has 20 plus years of experience in cosmetic & plastic surgery. He is one of the big names for breast Implant surgery in Mumbai If you want to experience the breast implant surgery in Mumbai in a safe manner, then you can trust La Transformatione’ to get the best experience in your breast implant surgery in Mumbai. Our surgeon uses high technology equipment’s to implement the procedure of breast augmentation.


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